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About Us

About Us

The Health and Lifestyle Register: We Aim to Bind the Clients with the Consultants

The Health and Lifestyle Register is a leading healthcare service provider and enlisting site in the UK. No matter what your requirement, our directory is made up of a list that involves a wide range of certified and approved health consultants in the UK. We understand how essential all these healing services are for coping with our stressed and busy lives. We try to offer health services in the most organised way.

Be it an aromatherapy centre or massage parlour, our list consists of everything. This optimised platform helps you to streamline your business goals with the help of a tight-knit business procedure.

Thorough quality check, rigorous background check and detailed market research helps us to make your business plans successful. No need to worry about the authenticity of the services that we offer. We are 100% reliable when it comes to putting up information for consumers and business-owners alike.

Increased customer engagement, greater visibility, more accessibility and a long list of satisfied customers – these are the keys of our business and these are what ultimately make us an industry leader.

We know the finest solutions make everyone happy and we strive to be the best in offering quality health consultants to our customers in the UK. Not all alternative medicine businesses in the UK are always in a condition to take up every paid service. Our understanding of this allows us to keep a free listing option available on our site. Once a business recovers, upgrading to a premium subscription option is always a welcome option.

As a business owner, if you are worried about the chances of finding yourself on a long list of similar service providers, we assure you that our advanced filtration option allows you to reach every customer who matches with the services you offer.

Our registry site eliminates the issues of both the clients and health consultants in the UK. As a health consultant, you need not to worry about matching the clients from a different location and the clients do not need to be worried about the same. We offer a location-based search option which matches a client with a specific consultant who is from the same county.

The Health and Lifestyle Register: Be an Industry Leader in the Healthcare Domain in the UK

We understand every business information is sensitive and every business feels a bit worried to enlist themselves in a random online directory. We are here to make you feel comfortable about this and we protect all of your business information. Your customers can only access the one which is relevant to them in order to reach you. We do not need any further business information which can hamper the safety of a business.

Enlisting your business information with us make you accessible 24*7 for your customers. It also offers you greater visibility on different search engines, such as Google, Bing, yahoo and Firefox.

No matter what is the time of the day, you will be there always for your customers which make you a trustworthy service provider. Creating a solid customer base is now easier than ever!

What are you waiting for? Be a part of us and enjoy all the great solutions at a cost-effective price.

Get in touch with us to be on a popular healthcare web portal in the UK – The Health and Lifestyle Register!


What makes The Health and Lifestyle Register one of the leading directory sites for health consultants in the UK?

We only deal with original listings. We review all consultants listed with us and only include those in our directory that offer genuine and quality services. Every listing on our site is of premium quality with its individual page link or URL.

Why “The Health and Lifestyle Register”?

Only certified and verified listings

  • Discreetly optimised sites
  • Top-notch quality sites
  • Only the best service providers in the industry

What information should I provide for listing?

Business name

  • Contact number
  • Website URL
  • Senior contact person
  • Email address
  • Address of the centre

Who reads the information?

People all over the UK take help of web directories for whatever information they need. If someone is in need of alternative medicines in the UK, reaching the names listed with us requires one click only. Our visitors are the ones who read the information offered.

What is the purpose of this website?

The goal of this web directory is to offer business reach and visibility to the consultants registered with us. Companies listed in our web directory get a multitude of clients to whom they can cater to.

Why is it necessary to keep the listing updated?

Offering the right information when customers visit your consultancy service website through the listing offered in our web directory helps you to enjoy increased customer reach/online visibility. Giving them an outdated email ID or contact number is of no use and your business will miss out on an active lead.

Why should the businesses’ information be updated on a regular basis?

Keeping the business information updated at a regular interval helps you maintain a comprehensive track of the leads you get here. If someone searches for health consultants in the UK and calls a number that is no longer in use, then you lose a valuable lead which no business wants.